Welcome to Döggingen

Döggingen, 650 - 830 m above sea-level, part of the state-approved health resort of Bräunlingen, lies, surrounded by extensive woodland, at the mouth of the Gauchach gorge.

The abundantly wooded surrounding area is ideal for quiet, relaxing walks and tours along idyllic, well-maintained and well-signposted paths. Numerous leisure activities are available, including sign-posted flat trails, woodland nature trails with forest exhibitions, hedge trails, tennis, pedal boats, cycling tours, lake, Shrove Tuesday exhibitions, local history museum and much more.

Local history evenings, Shrove Tuesday events as well as garden and summer parties will also keep you amused and entertained the whole year round. The Gauchach gorge, which is of both botanical and geological interest, is easy to get to from Döggingen and leads you on to the geologically fascinating Wutach gorge.

Döggingen is situated in the middle of the border triangle of Switzerland, France and Germany.

Half-day or full-day trips will bring you to Titisee, the Feldberg and to Freiburg in the southern High Black Forest region, to the Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen (Switzerland), to the romantic Danube Valley, the northern part of the Swiss Alps as well as to Lake Constance. Austria and France (Strasbourg in Alsace) are also within easy reach.

Come to Döggingen in winter for relaxing walking tours along forest tracks clear of snow.

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